Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little League World Series photos are coming

I decided a few months after last years Series that I wouldn't get a media pass this year. Or, probably, for the next few years. Although I'm proud of my work last year I didn't get to do much street shooting--I have no desire to be a sports shooter. Another difference this year was having a local team in the Series. Keystone from the Lock Haven/Beech Creek area was the first local team since 1969 to make it this far. I enjoyed being a fan. Finally the major change as far as posting to this blog is concerned is I shot almost exclusively on film. There is a big backlog of Tri-X waiting to be developed. My old tank has seen better days so I'm going to wait until it's replacement is here before I start. Fortunately it appears to be safe from the mess of the approaching hurricane. I should have it early next week.

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