Saturday, July 9, 2011

3000 Fannies Floating in the Susquehanny!

I don't know how many people turned out for the Susquehanna Fanny Float but Dean Kreibel of Andrew's Special Kids Foundation stated he was hoping for 3000 participants. Please read about the organization and Andrew here. I'll edit this post to reflect the exact number once it's known but I don't think it as low as 3000.

A very small part of the crowd.
Fanny Float 2011-14

Inner tubes were fashion accessories.
Fanny Float 2011-5

Some people had something other than an inner tube in mind to float on
Fanny Float 2011-2

Fanny Float 2011-10

There was plenty of assistance available to help you get into the inner tube.
Fanny Float 2011-1

This is the way to spend a beautiful July day:
Fanny Float 2011-13

Fanny Float 2011-4

Fanny Float 2011-12

Fanny Float 2011-11

Fanny Float 2011-8

Here are a few participants from the first bus load:
Fanny Float 2011-9

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