Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lewisburg Polar Bear Plunge 2011

Today was the annual Lewisburg polar Bear Plunge. It is a big time media event...even Bucknell TV was there.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1276

Of course it is also a social event were fellow plungers will hand you a drink and adjust your bra for you.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1288

Although the weather "cooperated" today by being in the mid 20s and the freezing rain had diminished to freezing drizzle by start time there was only a small section of the river where the ice had been cleared so participants stood at the starting line and were released in small groups.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1393

Spectators lined the ramp and stood on the hill above it to watch the brave souls enter the water. I wonder what these two youngsters are thinking.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1362

Some of the groups entered the water with more enthusiasm than others.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1462

The younger plungers appeared to be less fazed by the water temperature than their parents.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1304

Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1308

More photos of participants leaving the water.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1423
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1345
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1347

Some went in a little deeper than others.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1504

Of course some groups want photos of the event.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1506

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