Saturday, January 22, 2011

"I drove 10 hours for 10 seconds of fun!?!?'

"I drove 10 hours for 10 seconds of fun...." I overheard this as I was walking up to the track. A bit of hyperbole because it's a ~30 second ride.

As part of the experience you stand in line waiting your turn
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1710

Some people spend their time trying to warm their hands
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1233

You can go into the warmup building or shoot the breeze with others in line
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1249

Here is an example of the packing method used for getting everyone on the sled. And, of course, a cell phone video in the making
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1813

It's rare for anyone to not be laughing/smiling or screaming when riding--I like the expressions in this frame
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1779

I've decided that the only way to show the whole slide would require the rental of a lift which is beyond the scope of this project so here is a photograph of the bottom of the slide
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1731

With luck there will be more to come...

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