Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little League World Series

[EDIT] I'm trying a new way to post multi day events I'm going to edit this post everyday instead of creating a new one. So don't be thrown off by the date for the post--this will have the most current photos. Let me know what you think of the new format.

I haven't been blogging much lately because I've been so busy. Part of that time has been spent getting ready for the Little League World Series. Every year the world comes to Williamsport and we get to share our home with the visitors.

This year I have been fortunate to acquire media credentials which allow access to many areas of the complex not seen by most fans; including the photo wells. So, my coverage this year is a little different than in previous years. There will be many more game photos. Since I am not a sports photographer I spent many a night at Bowman Field home of the Williamsport Crosscutters a class A SS affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies to hone my timing. I also immersed myself in photos of baseball games.

Here are a series from the Grand Slam parade:
Grand Slam Parade-1

Grand Slam Parade-2

Grand Slam Parade-4

Grand Slam Parade-5

Grand Slam Parade-6

Grand Slam Parade 2010

On Opening Day we got a tour of the International Grove where the players stay:
International Grove-1

International Grove-2

International Grove-3

International Grove-4

International Grove-5

Here are some from Day One:
LLWS Day 1 photos-2

LLWS Day 1 photos-1

LLWS Day 1 photos-3

Day Two:
LLWS Day 2 photos-2

LLWS Day 2 photos-3

This bunt resulted in a triple for this young man and two runs scored for the team:
LLWS Day 2 photos-4

LLWS Day 2 photos-5

Day 3:
Pin Trading
LLWS Day 3 photos-2

More action:
LLWS Day 4 photos-4

LLWS Day 4 photos-7

LLWS Day 4 photos-5

The Japanese team bows before every inning:
LLWS Day 4 photos-6

Day 4:
LLWS Day 4 photos-3

LLWS Day 4 photos-12

LLWS Day 4 photos-13

LLWS Day 4 photos-8

You need to hear the Taiwan fans to believe how much noise a small group can make:
LLWS Day 4 photos-9

LLWS Day 4 photos-10

LLWS Day 4 photos-11

LLWS Day 4 photos-14

Every player on the Mexican team kisses the soil around home plate before every game:
LLWS Day 4 photos-15

The filter on the front of an ESPN camera was broken by a pitch:
LLWS Day 4 photos-16

LLWS Day 4 photos-17

LLWS Day 4 photos-18

LLWS Day 4 photos-19

The Caribbean-Mexico game did have some action before the rain delay:
LLWS Day 4 photos-20

LLWS Day 4 photos-21

The day could be summed up in one word: RAIN!
LLWS Day 4 photos-22

LLWS Day 4 photos-23

LLWS Day 4 photos-24

LLWS Day 4 photos-25

LLWS Day 4 photos-26


LLWS Day 5 photos-10

LLWS Day 5 photos-8

LLWS Day 5 photos-7

LLWS Day 5 photos-5

LLWS Day 5 photos-9

LLWS Day 5 photos-3

Day 6

LLWS Day 6 photos-1

LLWS Day 6 photos-2

LLWS Day 6 photos-3

LLWS Day 6 photos-4

LLWS Day 6 photos-5

LLWS Day 6 photos-6

LLWS Day 6 photos-7

LLWS Day 6 photos-9

LLWS Day 6 photos-10

LLWS Day 6 photos-11

Day 7

Two Southwest players rub the head of the statue of Howard J Lamade for luck (it worked).

LLWS Day 7-7
LLWS Day 7-6

LLWS Day 7-5

LLWS Day 7-4

LLWS Day 7-3

LLWS Day 7-2

LLWS Day 7-1

Day 8--Normally the Friday before Championship weekend is a day off for everyone. However, this year Pool A needed to play an "if necessary" elimination game.

LLWS Day 8-1

LLWS Day 8-2

LLWS Day 8-3

LLWS Day 8-4

LLWS Day 8-5

Southeast fans console one another outside Lamade stadium

LLWS Day 8-6

The city of WIlliamsport planned a Block Party for the evening; and what a party it was. I've never seen the attendance and enthusiasm so high at any other event the city has planned. I commend everyone who had a hand in planning and executing the event.

Block Party-1

Block Party-2

Block Party-3

Block Party-4

Day 9:
I don't know what to call this but I found it interesting.
LLWS Day 9-1

LLWS Day 9-2

LLWS Day 9-3

LLWS Day 9-4

The hill overlooking Lamade Stadium was packed:
LLWS Day 9-5

LLWS Day 9-6

LLWS Day 9-7

Day 10 The World Championship
LLWS Day 10-1

This umpire called strikes while looking directly into the photo well.
LLWS Day 10-2

The West's only run
LLWS Day 10-3

LLWS Day 10-4

LLWS Day 10-5

LLWS Day 10-7

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