Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art DeCamp's Powder Horns

Earlier this month it was pleasure to spend an afternoon with Art DeCamp of Huntingdon Pa. He makes reproductions of black powder horns. The photos here are part of a much larger project that I will be publishing several posts in late August.

Most of the time to make a powder horn is the result of having to do most of the operations by hand. Although Art uses lathes to prepare the horns he spends most of his time with scrapers, rasps and files.

Here the lathe is used to hold the horn while he is using the rasp to make horn round:
Art DeCamp-1

Using a lathe to turn the screw tip:
Art DeCamp-2

Given the variable size of horns the reproductions are made with the same proportions as the original. Art's dial caliper is frequently used throughout the process.
Art DeCamp-3

More hand work.
Art DeCamp-4

Art is holding the original and his reproduction.
Art DeCamp-5

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