Saturday, September 26, 2009

St. George Catholic Church in Shenandoah PA

Yesterday I made another run to Shenandoah. I had gotten word that one of the Catholic churches was going to be torn down. The church was closed in 2006 because of it's deteriorating condition. An engineering firm hired by the parish said that it could take up to $8,000,000.00 to fix. After seeing it in person I'm surprised that's all it would take.

St George Catholic Church Shenandoah PA

The black wrap on the steeples is to prevent the falling pieces from hitting the ground.

Here's a detail shot:

St George Catholic Church Shenandoah PA detail

According to a news account of the meeting where the disposition of this church was announced some shouted their opposition to the decision even though they were in a church at the time.


Anonymous said...

The Diocese of Allentown unilaterally made a heartless decision. How dare they demolish a historic building--a Church which is precious to its parishioners? Has the Roman Catholic faith become nothing but a money game? This Church is breathtakingly beautiful....surely there are viable options besides destruction. Where is the money set up for the "special" fund to repair this magnificient church? Shouldn't the Dioces of Allentown be held accountable for the alledged mysterious disappearance of funds? I pray the little guy wins in this struggle. God help the long-suffering people of the coal regions of northeast Pennsylvania whose ancestors struggled to build structures of Faith and devotion to a God they love.

Anonymous said...

The Diocese of Allentown refused to perform any routine maintanence on the church while it was closed for years and now the results are clearly visable in the top image. The structure problems stem from the granite facade seperating from the original brick exterior.

O. Joy said...

My aunt who lives in Shenandoah told me of what is happening. This so saddens me. My parents were baptized in this church, married in this church and I was baptized in this church. It is the most beautiful church and work of architecture, not to mention the historical significance. I hope there is some way to save it.