Monday, August 3, 2009

Review of Mary Ellen Mark's Workshop at Center for Photography at Woodstock Part 2

The plan for day two was for all of us to go to the Ulster County Fair and shoot all day. Well it rained all day. The class was shortened due to the rain. We're to send Ms Mark contact sheets of our work from the day and she'll edit them.

In summary I wasted my time and money on the workshop. I didn't learn anything. Ms Mark is a photographer that is the best of the best in her field. However she either doesn't have the will or the ability to teach. Or, perhaps, the temperament: she tries to push her way on everyone. And her answers to even narrowly focussed questions bordered on being non-answers.

My recommendation is if you want to hang out with Mary Ellen Mark for two days and don't expect to learn anything then take the class. Otherwise, find a lesser photographer who is a gifted teacher and take their workshop. I do however, very highly recommend the Center for Photography at Woodstock. The facility is first rate. The staff is even better. They're highly competent and have wonderful, warm, fun personalities.

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