Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mainstream Media vs. Twitter

Here is an interesting post about how people around the world are preferring Twitter to the mainstream media.

When the Shah fell I tuned into the evening news every night and Walter and his boys told me what they thought I should know. I found the topic fascinating. Now with Iran again in the news I just check Twitter and I learn more in five minutes than I would in any newspaper or newscast.

It's obvious that people want their news unfiltered by the biased MSM. Look at how popular news aggregation sites (Drudgereport, for one) are. Look at the rise of Twitter. And look how fast MSM is shrinking and dying. It's their own fault. If they had been attuned to what their customers wanted, as most businesses are instead of arrogantly telling us what they thought we should know they would be growing.

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