Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interesting new concept in journalism

The world of journalists is being created anew as we watch. Newspapers are shutting down. Magazines are going out of business. Some are going online only. The journalists caught in this are trying to find ways to reinvent their jobs. There is a new website called True/Slant that allows journalists to be their own brand:
"True/Slant is the digital home for the 'Entrepreneurial Journalist.' Knowledgeable and credible contributors anchor and build their digital brands on True/Slant using tools that enable them to easily create content and craft stories filtered through human perspective (not an algorithm)."

So far as I can tell their not doing this with Photojournalists. Even if they don't do this soon (the site is in beta) they'll almost have to eventually.

This will be a very interesting development to watch and consider.

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