Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few Thoughts on the Future of Photography

This embeded flash player of a festival in Toronto once again gets me to thinking about where we're going with photography. I can make technically far better pictures now in low light than I ever could before. Thirty years ago I would push Tri-X a stop or a stop and a half and the resulting pix were good enough for newspaper reproduction. But not much else. Now I can make a passable pic at 3200 ASA if it'll be used small or on the web.

The SLR concept seems to be dated. Why have a mirror and pentaprism when it's possible to just have an electronic viewfinder. Yes, I realize that the EV have to get better in low light. It's just a matter of time.

What's next? More dynamic range? Some more would be great. Lots more and we'd have to rethink how we make pictures. No more making the background 3 stops below subject brightness so that it goes to black. That wouldn't be possible if we had a lot more DR.

This embed makes me want to get back up to the Canadian Maritimes. There are a couple of places that I'd really like to do this.

Luminato Light Balls - Toronto in Canada

Whatever the future holds will bring more challenges along with the problems it solves. It'll be interesting, at least.

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