Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changes are coming.

You may have been wondering why I haven't had any posts in a while. At first I didn't have the time. Then as I was able to get on top of the workload partly by examining what was taking my time and analyzing the cost and resulting benefit of each action I realized that I wasn't seeing much if any business come from my blog or website. I was getting lots of hits but when inquiries came none mentioned seeing my blog or website when asked. As an experiment I didn't touch either for months. During that time I was thinking about what changes I wanted to make. I like sharing my work and so I will keep this blog. On or about June 1st my website will go dark and all traffic will be directed here. I may have a portfolio page but that decision is not yet final. I've decided to keep this blog because I enjoy sharing my work. The changes here will be less dramatic. I'll post when I have something I want to share and they will have much more text than prior ones. There will be layout changes--I've never been happy with the present one but I couldn't find anything I liked better. I hope to move the photo hosting from Flickr. I'm still investigating other providers. See you soon, Terry

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little League World Series photos are coming

I decided a few months after last years Series that I wouldn't get a media pass this year. Or, probably, for the next few years. Although I'm proud of my work last year I didn't get to do much street shooting--I have no desire to be a sports shooter. Another difference this year was having a local team in the Series. Keystone from the Lock Haven/Beech Creek area was the first local team since 1969 to make it this far. I enjoyed being a fan. Finally the major change as far as posting to this blog is concerned is I shot almost exclusively on film. There is a big backlog of Tri-X waiting to be developed. My old tank has seen better days so I'm going to wait until it's replacement is here before I start. Fortunately it appears to be safe from the mess of the approaching hurricane. I should have it early next week.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

3000 Fannies Floating in the Susquehanny!

I don't know how many people turned out for the Susquehanna Fanny Float but Dean Kreibel of Andrew's Special Kids Foundation stated he was hoping for 3000 participants. Please read about the organization and Andrew here. I'll edit this post to reflect the exact number once it's known but I don't think it as low as 3000.

A very small part of the crowd.
Fanny Float 2011-14

Inner tubes were fashion accessories.
Fanny Float 2011-5

Some people had something other than an inner tube in mind to float on
Fanny Float 2011-2

Fanny Float 2011-10

There was plenty of assistance available to help you get into the inner tube.
Fanny Float 2011-1

This is the way to spend a beautiful July day:
Fanny Float 2011-13

Fanny Float 2011-4

Fanny Float 2011-12

Fanny Float 2011-11

Fanny Float 2011-8

Here are a few participants from the first bus load:
Fanny Float 2011-9

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby

The 2011 Soap Box Derby was held yesterday, June 18 on the Market St hill.

One of the cars was having some last minute modifications:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1801

Racers had to check their placement before the first heat:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1808

After the opening ceremonies it was a race to the top of the hill:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1969

Then the racers waited with their cars so that that parents could take their photos:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1974

At the starting gate with final instructions from dad:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1987

Team Jack HQs:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-2011

Finally some racing:
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1996
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-2001
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-2009
2011 Williamsport Soap Box Derby-1812

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lewisburg Polar Bear Plunge 2011

Today was the annual Lewisburg polar Bear Plunge. It is a big time media event...even Bucknell TV was there.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1276

Of course it is also a social event were fellow plungers will hand you a drink and adjust your bra for you.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1288

Although the weather "cooperated" today by being in the mid 20s and the freezing rain had diminished to freezing drizzle by start time there was only a small section of the river where the ice had been cleared so participants stood at the starting line and were released in small groups.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1393

Spectators lined the ramp and stood on the hill above it to watch the brave souls enter the water. I wonder what these two youngsters are thinking.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1362

Some of the groups entered the water with more enthusiasm than others.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1462

The younger plungers appeared to be less fazed by the water temperature than their parents.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1304

Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1308

More photos of participants leaving the water.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1423
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1345
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1347

Some went in a little deeper than others.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1504

Of course some groups want photos of the event.
Lewisburg Polar Plunge-1506

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"I drove 10 hours for 10 seconds of fun!?!?'

"I drove 10 hours for 10 seconds of fun...." I overheard this as I was walking up to the track. A bit of hyperbole because it's a ~30 second ride.

As part of the experience you stand in line waiting your turn
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1710

Some people spend their time trying to warm their hands
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1233

You can go into the warmup building or shoot the breeze with others in line
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1249

Here is an example of the packing method used for getting everyone on the sled. And, of course, a cell phone video in the making
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1813

It's rare for anyone to not be laughing/smiling or screaming when riding--I like the expressions in this frame
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1779

I've decided that the only way to show the whole slide would require the rental of a lift which is beyond the scope of this project so here is a photograph of the bottom of the slide
Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1731

With luck there will be more to come...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide Opening night 2011

Here are 4 photos from the opening night of the Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide for 2011. Expect more photos tomorrow.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1178

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1165

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1203

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1208

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide Revisited

Every year that it's possible the Fire Department in Eagles Mere (PA) closes a street and builds a toboggan slide. The track is 1/4 mile long and made of blocks of ice taken from the lake. Speeds of up to 45 miles per hour are possible--RADAR was used to check the speeds a couple of years ago. They rent the toboggans and you can ride as many times as you wish during the 1 hour rental period. You are guaranteed at least two rides.

I've been working on documenting this event for several years now with limited success. Either the weather or my schedule or both have prevented me from being able to do much with this project. This year I was lucky enough to learn that they were building the slide today. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I won't be tied up next weekend for the opening. Given that this has become a multi-year project expect more updates in the next few years.

The volunteers cut blocks of ice from the lake. Then they "herd" the ice towards the elevator/conveyor.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1111

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1149

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1688

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1137

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1126

The conveyor drops the blocks of ice onto trailers for delivery to the area where the slide is being built.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1100

Once the blocks are on the ground they are dragged and nudged into place.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1074

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1661

This is a photo from last year that shows the partially finished track--the grooves for the runners haven't been cut into it yet.

Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide-1065

With luck; to be continued....